Award-Winning Services

Chameleon Paintworks Inc. specializes in the use of color and surface textures to transform commercial, municipal and residential properties.

Chameleon Paintworks Inc. was created by Joe Nicoletti, an award-winning Artisan Painter, Contractor / Designer, and expert in color and textures. Joe founded Chameleon Paintworks Inc. in 1985, which has since become an award-winning paint contracting company located in Santa Monica. Please consult us to learn more about Chameleon Paintworks Inc.

Chameleon Paintworks Inc offers municipal, commercial, and home renovation services in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We specialize in using color and surface textures to transform commercial and residential properties. We are also experts in the restoration of historic and architecturally significant properties.

Chameleon Paintworks Inc. received the 2014 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award of the Year for the Dunbar Hotel.

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What We Do

  • Overall Architectural Transformations
  • Renderings and Presentations
  • Unique Consultations
  • Historical Restoration
  • Reduce Visual Interruption
  • Decorative and Historical Paint Applications
  • Enhance or Reduce the Critical Mass of Any Property
  • Historical Assessments of Color and Plaster Analysis
  • Any Types of Plaster, Wood, and Metal Finishes
  • Landscape and Outdoor Environments
  • Planning, Design, and Development
  • Art Consulting and Installation
  • Color Strategies
  • Interior and Exterior Decoration
  • Smart, Expansive, and Unique Consulting