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By Anonymous

Location: ES Maple Drive Beverly Hills, Ca.

I went to Joe for a consultation for my home I purchased in B.H. Built in 1926, this Italian revival home needed the complete range of paintworks, mural restoration, stain restoration, cabinet refinishing, Venetian plaster, stencil work, and the entire home needed to be painted well. Joe had included all of his historical color theory, mural design, stripping off all the painted mahogany doors, replacing and matching all hardware, and development of all the finishes. One-stop-shop. His team of artisans blew through this property both inside and out. 

I was very pleased with him and his team’s performance. I have and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about fine paintwork.

By Chelsea K.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca. 

Beautiful restoration and original painting/stenciling in San Marino Home. Thanks, Joe!

By Wayne S.

Location: Beverly Hills, Ca. 

Mr. Nicoletti and his crew have restored and colorized a large Mediterranean villa for me in Santa Monica. Paintworks has significantly increased the appearance and value of this environment.

By Sally R.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca. 

Joe Nicoletti needs no letters of introduction, his work speaks volumes. He is an extraordinary artisan, a man with amazing vision and ability. As a writer and producer, I\'ve worked with highly creative and talented designers. I am not an easy person to please on the set or in the house. But Joe\'s work has always exceeded my expectations, time after time. He listens, he responds, he contributes his unique vision, and best of all, his enthusiasm never lags.

It's very rare to find someone who is talented, understands color, texture, associated nuance, and is also a genuinely good human being. I've seen Joe work with decorators, architects, know-it-all producers like myself, always enjoying the collaboration, never losing sight of his vision, never losing patience, forever willing to experiment, contribute, listen - the end results reflect his ability as an artist. Joes is able to translate words into color, and many of his clients prefer to leave everything to his discretion - he handles that responsibility easily and has yet to disappoint anyone.

Joe has a long list of credits and a beautiful portfolio of photographs that will give you a sense of his range. Obviously, I could go on pages about this man. He's talented and honest. You couldn’t\'t ask for a better person to work with - give him a wall and a brush.


By David H.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca. 

Houck Construction has hand an on-going working relationship with Joe Nicoletti of Chameleon Paintworks for approximately nine years. He has completed many projects for our high-end residential remodels, including decorative ceilings and custom interior and exterior painting. Chameleon\'s work has repeatedly been of the highest caliber, always paying strict attention to every detail. Both Joe and his employees have always demonstrated the utmost professionalism, skill, and expertise throughout our various projects. We look forward to hiring Chameleon Paintworks as a subcontractor on many future projects and give Joe Nicoletti the highest recommendation as a quality painting contractor. 

- David Houck

By AT H.

Location: Los Angeles, Ca. 

The Heinsbergen Company has been in the painting and decorating trade for three generations. Over the past 45 years, I have been involved in some of the most exciting and prestigious projects that exist, among them include some 750 theatres. For example, the Orpheum, the Wiltern, the Pantages chain, Los Angeles City Hall, and so forth.

Joe Nicoletti is very motivated, imaginative and constantly inspired. His passion is easily recognized, in the effort he incorporates into his projects. I have seen his work in publications, and he has applied new and exciting paint techniques to create particularly fine and beautiful spaces. I am confident that Joe can present the imagery, and produce the necessary involvement, to transform your space. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a fine decorative paint contractor.

By Rachel K.

Location: Bell, CA 

Turning their clients\' wishes into reality, the team at Chameleon Paintworks transforms environments with the creative use of surface, texture, and color. Trained at New York City\'s School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology, owner Joe Nicoletti combines a strong creative background with the unique ability to visualize design ideas. He is also applauded for personalizing a customer\'s home or business.

Focusing primarily on design-oriented residential work, Chameleon has worked on some of Hollywood\'s grandest homes as well as such projects as The Biltmore Hotel and the 2002 MTV and Grammy Awards, but like a \"chameleon\" is able to adapt to any painting situation. The company handles all kinds of projects, including straight, decorative, and architectural painting, wood finishes, color systems, and restorative work.

Keeping tight control over all projects, Nicoletti prefers to handle a job from start to finish, including all prep work. Sources say this company is expensive, but ultimately they save money by having Chameleon do the job the right way the first time.

By Spence N.

Location: Oxnard, Ca.

My family and I commissioned Joe Nicoletti for several projects over the past two-and-a-half years. We very much enjoyed working with him and feel he has great talent for producing beautiful and appropriate environments. Joseph is imaginative, artistic, and professional. He does an exceptional job of integrating color and texture into the overall décor of any given space. I was particularly pleased and impressed with an excellent mural he created behind my desk - he used gold leaf and color to enhance the entire room. I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph for any project, large or small. He is a very good choice.